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Lo siguiente es especial para periodistas y para los que trabajan en medios o tienen alguno  (diario, radio, tv, web, blog, intranet, diario personal con llave y candado o lo que se les ocurra).  

February 16, 2008
Social Networking Built Around Content, So Why Aren’t Journalists All Over It?

This is the second in a series of practical tips to change your newsroom. The first was CopyCamp, an Unconference for Journalists, which the San Jose Mercury News will put to the test in April. This is also part of the ongoing Carnival of Journalism: More info here.

Over at WiredJournalist I started a group “social bookmarking for journalists,” because I’ve noticed that social news sites (a growing corner of social media) have an alarming absence of journalists despite the utility they provide. Similar to blogging, I think ignoring it is like shooting ourselves in the foot.

The good news is: Unlike CopyCamp, my first practical tip on changing your newsroom, this takes only a few minutes of a journalist’s time and no money. If you are all goo-goo-ga-ga over Twitter, then there is no reason not to love social news sites like Reddit, StumbleUpon and others.
As Scott Karp at Publishing 2.0 put it to me via email: “Every media brand, to remain relevant, needs to get into the business of helping their audience find the best content on the topics they cover, and not just publish their own content. So it’s bigger than ‘bookmarking/rating content.’ It’s being relevant on the web.”
The final goal of this post is to get news organizations to see the editorial value in providing links to other relevant stories. The higher quality your links are – the higher your level of editorial service and the more readers will come back for tasty hyperlinks.

Social Bookmarking 101 will include:

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