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Hoy nos tomamos un café con Ken Yarmosh. Tiene un blog de “marketing innovations”, según lo autodenomina… no lo conocía la verdad, pero me parecieron buenos sus artículos, y tiene anunciantes grosos (de la talla de at&t, dell, the new york times…).
Creo que el tema de hoy va mucho con la onda de “charla de café” que podes tener con potenciales clientes, con jefes e incluso con amigos… Considero que leer el artículo sirve tanto a los Australinos que tienen agencia propia y necesitan venderse ante un prospect, como a los que quieren vender una idea o proponer un proyecto a sus jefes…
Y esto último lo resalto… la importancia de leer e investigar (be learners) y proponer nuevas cosas en la oficina… a mi me llevó bastante lejos la práctica… aunque en la marcha tuve que aprender a escribir los mails de propuestas de manera tal que fueran leídos (podría haber sido un buen seminario en la facultad: cómo escribir o comunicar una idea a tus jefes con éxito)
Termino con tanto preámbulo; be learners este viernes con un artículo de Cold E-mailing, el cd de The Best of Ennio Morricone y una tarde de sol es ppplén di da.
LO ULTIMO, RESALTO EL PUNTO DOS QUE ME LLAMO LA ATENCION (justo lo que odio de las propuestas que me llegan cada día, chamuyo chamuyo chamuyo). DESPUES ENCONTRE UN COMENTARIO ABAJO SOBRE EL MISMO ITEM.

Cold E-mailing, SalesGenius, and Start With A Lead eBook

I reviewed Brian Carroll’s book back in June and as such, turned to him about a question regarding prospecting tools somewhat recently. My question, does “cold e-mailing” work?

Brian pointed me to this thought by Jill Konrath, author of Selling to Big Companies (and fellow DTM Contributor):

So does e-mail cold calling work? Yes. If done correctly it can be a highly effective tool in today’s market. Here are some guidelines to follow to do it right:

1. Personalize every message.
Decisions makers must know immediately that the e-mail was written just for them. Mention your research. Highlight a triggering event. Reference a referral.

2. Tie your message to their business needs.
Don’t talk about your company, products, services or solutions. Nada! Not one word about this. Instead, focus on their issues, concerns, problems and challenges.

3. Keep it short and sweet.
You have less than 20 seconds to capture the decision-maker’s attention. After the first couple sentences, they decide if they’ll delete it, forward it or respond.

4. Make it readable from the preview window.

Most people do a quick scan of their messages in the preview window before opening them. If your message is longer than this, make it shorter.

5. Start a conversation.

Your goal is to engage decision makers in an online discussion. In order to do this, they have to give them something they can respond to. Ask a question, invite them to a webinar, see if they’d be interested in an information resource on your website. Focus on creating the dialogue.

Cold e-mailing can be more effective if you have additional tools in place. One that recently caught my eye was SalesGenius. SalesGenius provides a way to track e-mail to see who has and who has not opened it. They include a nifty Outlook plugin too.

If you are looking for ways to generate leads, Brian’s book is full of great tips. He’s also made an eBook freely available for those interested.



Point number 2 is especially important to me. The second I see something being promoted, especially with the word “solutions” (they need to stop using that word) in it, I stop reading.

People aren’t interested in you or what you have, they’re interested in themselves and their problems and issues.

Addressing those, without selling something, is the key, as the point is making.


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