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Envío un artículo sobre Article Marketing. Genial eso de que “marketing” siga dando como para pegarle cualquier palabra ¡! Pero independientemente de eso, me pareció muy interesante el tema.
Lo saqué de gente que hace PR en internet (muy bueno dado que acá no vi todavía que alguien tomara ese rubro para dar específicamente servicios de PR digital); sin embargo considero que puede servir para el mundo off line tambien. Lógicamente, para las agencias de prensa/PR/asesoramiento/ETC mas que avisos gráficos o comerciales se entiende que lo mejor es posicionarse como líderes de opinión o referentes en algo puntual. Y el uso de internet de hoy lo está haciendo bastante más facil al tema.
El artículo en cuestión está más que nada referido a lograr posicionamiento on line y visitas a tu web site, pero de nuevo digo, podemos tomarlo para todos los demás ámbitos.
Sales Lead Generation Tips:
How to Build Your Own Hyper-Responsive Prospect List with Article Marketing

(Dan Janal)

Article marketing is the best sales lead generation technique on the Web today.

Unfortunately, many marketers writing articles on the Web fall short in their sales lead generation efforts. They simply can’t get people to visit their websites. This is a critical fallacy that will render your article marketing campaign worthless. You must get people to visit your website and join your mailing list. If you don’t, you are wasting your time, money and energy.

Sure, it is great to write articles displaying you as the expert in your field. And, yes, it is nice to post articles that help the world in general. But if your goal is to use article marketing as a sales lead generation technique that builds your email list, you might be falling short if your articles don’t have a call to action that grabs readers by the throat and pulls them to your website.

How do you do this? You must have an irresistible offer so people will come to your website and identify themselves.

Once you capture your prospects’ names and email addresses, you will be able to create a sales-winning relationship. If you don’t do this critical step, you’ll never have another chance to sell to these people. Here are four irresistible products or services to help prospects make the critical decision to visit your website and give you their email addresses:

• Special reports. Don’t confuse this with a newsletter. These are 3-5 page reports on a special topic. It should include your own insights that prove you are the expert.

• Quizzes. People love to take quizzes. Create a quiz that has 10 yes or no answers. Design questions so that people will see their pain. This sets you up as the expert who has products and services that can help them. Here’s a great site that features a quiz. Take the quiz and then see how Bob Prosen leads you into learning about his book.

• Free 15-minute consulting session. When offering this free service, be careful of tire kickers who want free advice and won’t ever buy. Here are three easy steps to conducting consulting sessions properly. 1. Get the person to clearly state the problem. 2. Show how your background can help the person. However, don’t give away your best thinking at this point. Think of this as a get-to-know-you session, not a high level exchange of ideas. 3. Ask for the order to get them to buy your books or consulting services.

• Offer a free chapter in your book or a free sneak preview to your information products including software, DVDs, CDs and MP3s. People will get hooked and buy your products. This tactic will overcome your prospects’ fears of the unknown. People can get a good feel for your products. The most important part of writing articles is getting people to visit web site. If you offer these tactics, you will build your list and get more names for your sales funnel.

About the Author: Nationally recognized online publicity expert and Founder of PR LEADS, Dan Janal can help build your list in 6 months. For more free tips and information that will help you snag more leads than you ever thought possible, go to:



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